1. Getting started with Nightclub Photography

    2019-05-19 17:49:09 UTC
    On my first night in Bristol, I got a job shooting photos in a huge nightclub and had such high hopes, only to be handed a camera with no external flash, told to shoot on auto, and to sell prints and keyrings from a lanyard of samples I had to…

  2. kamlan 50mm f1.1 manual lens review

    2019-05-19 16:57:09 UTC
    *All images in this article were taken on the Kamlan 50mm manual lens Ever since getting my trusty Fujifilm X-T2 I’ve been on the hunt for a creamy 50mm lens to pair with it. After forking out over a grand on the camera I wasn’t quite prepared to drop the…

  3. How to choose the right wedding photographer

    2019-01-16 21:08:00 UTC
    I’ve worked in print for a couple of years now alongside my photography career. In that time I have printed lots of wedding photos and canvases, and had lots of chats with couples about their wedding photo experience. It seems a lot of people feel like fish out of water…

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